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As you probably know, the election for the next Mayor of London will be held on Thursday 5 May 2016. All of the front running candidates have put housing at the top of their mayoral agenda in response to London’s  housing crisis and we’re keen to position housing associations as the ideal partners for the next mayor to deliver on his or her housing commitments.

100,000 Affordable Homes for London

For many Londoners, when we think about the housing crisis, we think only about the overwhelming struggle to afford housing. Our campaign aims to cement housing associations as an integral part of the solution. We’re calling this campaign 100,000 Affordable Homes for London because that’s what London needs over the next four years and we think housing associations could build these homes if the next Mayor agrees to three policy changes:

  1. Bring forward a steady supply of clean and serviced land for housing, give affordable housing providers priority access and maximise the number of affordable homes delivered through housing zones across the capital.
  2. Invest £2.9bn in affordable housing in London in order to maximise social rent together with other low cost housing options within the programme (such as shared ownership) and for which every pound put in by the GLA, housing associations will match with £7 of private funding to build new homes.
  3. Work with us to define what ‘affordable’ means in a way which works for the people of London and enables housing associations to build the homes we desperately need.

Behind the scenes, our external and public affairs teams are already busy building relationships with candidates and talking about the policy changes our members in London need. We work to support members across London to enable your voice to be heard so that Londoners and the mayoral candidates know that you offer a range of housing options, including supported housing, homes for the elderly, and vulnerable young people. We also know that you have done some incredibly innovative work in employment and training, construction, and resident engagement.

Although our key public campaign will focus on the 100,000 homes we will make sure that our post- election strategy covers the key aspects of your work here in London. The public face of the campaign will start tomorrow and let Londoners know that housing associations  are ready to help end London’s housing crisis with a little support from their next mayor. This will consist of a number of media stories, a special housing hustings and a targeted social media campaign to highlight how crucial it is for the new mayor to partner with housing associations.

We’ll launch a Twitter campaign targeting Londoners with compelling video and graphics with the message  London needs 100,000 affordable new homes and housing associations could work with the mayor to build these. As the campaign progresses, we’ll produce more video and graphic content to help amplify our message.

Any questions, please contact Lucy Greenwood.



David Orr
Chief Executive
National Housing Federation

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